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First exclusive HSDB race accepting us-players

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With only 6 active players make sure you start playing at PokerWorld and earn as much rake as you can between the 18th of October and the 6th of November. The players with the most rake in this period wins money based on the ladder below. Rake are earned in both cash games and tournaments!

Note: This race is also open for all US Players!

Race period: Oct 18th - Nov 06th
Race prize pool: $1650
Places paid: 15


Position Prize
1 $550
2 $450
3 $350
4 $250
5 $150
6 $100
7 $75
8 $50
9 $25
10 $15
11-15 $10

Who can join: The race is open to players who do not already have an account with Pokerworld (Cake-network), or have created their account via links on HighstakesDB or Pokerhand.org.

How to join: Start by creating your Pokerworld account here. Follow the sign-up instructions carefully, make a deposit and start playing. Your account will automatically be entered into the race. Existing players at Pokerworld are also registered automatically and can start playing right away

Prizes: The winnings in the race will be paid directly to the players' accounts withing 5 days after the race ends. Winnings will be on top of existing Pokerworld promotions such as:

- 110% up to $600 Deposit Bonus

All races:

 BestPoker $1650 1 day left on the BestPoker race!
CardGrinders $1650 6 day left on the CardGrinders race!
PointPoker $1650 11 day left on the PointPoker race!
$1650 18 day left on the PokerWorld race!


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