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Phil Galfond makes a return, wins $351K

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While Isildur1 took a relatively quiet day, we saw another familiar face step into the action. Phil Galfond, aka OMGClayAiken put in 1414 hands, mostly in the $200/$400 PLO Cap Game and came out $351K to the good.



The cap games are becoming increasingly popular at the highest levels. There can be many reasons for this, but I have a feeling that many players want to decrease the variance in their results. If you fell you have an edge in a game it is clearly in your interest to play a game where the risk of going broke is relatively small. After all, the bankroll is you tool as a poker player and without money to play with, the edge you have in any given game is only of academic interest.

Galfond’s turned two pairs is enough to win a $73K pot.

This hand was not played in a cap came, but because of the effective stacks, the hand played as though there was a cap on the betting. It is also a good illustration of what kind of hands the players are willing to get their money in with. Not that any of the players did anything wrong in this hand, but it made me think what would happen if you beamed a top PLO player from five years ago into one of these games. Back then PLO was all about drawing to the nuts, flopping the nuts or get out of the hand. Play that style now, and you would see your stack get blinded off slowly but surely, and even when you flopped big, you would only get action if your opponent was on a draw big enough to make the hand a coin flip anyway.

On this hand, poltergeist rightly assumed that he was getting the right price to draw to two pairs, so he moved in when Galfond made the continuation bet. Poltergeist had to put in 35% of the total pot to stay in the hand and the 40% equity he was getting is probably on par with what he could expect to get against Galfonds range. In addition to the two pairs he could make, there was also two backdoor flush draws and a backdoor straight draws, all which gives his winning chances a significant bump. Obviously, the turn card was among the worst that could peel off the deck, so in the end there was no reward for the correct play, but that’s just poker.

Brian Townsend hits a straight on the river to take a $293K pot from Antonius

Patrik Antonius still can’t seem to turn the bad trend of 2010 around, but it is certainly not for a lack of trying. There has been a lot of hands like this one, the largest pot of the day, where the coin flips has gone in his opponents favor. This time he held top two pairs against Townsend’s 13 wrap straight draw something that gives Antonius and EV of around 55%, but the river brought joy only to Townsend. I am sure, however, that Antonius will keep plugging away, and I am equally confident that he will figure at the top of the leader boards again in the not too distant future.


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