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Durrrr wins $1.5M from Ziigmund in just over two hours.

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Just as I was writing my previous report, durrrr and Ziigmund sat down to play some $500/$1000 PLO, and there was some serious fireworks going on. We saw the first $500K+ pot we have seen in some time, and a lot of other huge pots as well. The big story, however, is the result, and though we have seen swings like this before, I can’t recall seeing it happen in such a relatively small number of hands (576). Looking through the hands, it seems like the players were probably playing $3K/$9K for some of the time, so big swings could be expected. It certainly provided a lot of entertainment for those of us who love watching these players.



 Ziigmund turns a huge draw, but can’t hit any winners on any of the rivers. $503K total.


durrrr’s flush draw is better than Ziigmund’s straight draw. $454K


Ziigmund makes a hero-call on the river only to pay off durrrr with a mini-flush. $414K pot.


Ziigmund turns trips and rivers a full house to win a 400K pot.


Ziigmund puts a huge suckout on durrrr on the river. $350K pot.


All in preflop, durrrr’s kings stand up in a $287K pot.


durrrr turns trips and Ziigmund moves in with only top pair. $245K


durrrr flops a set plus the nut flush draw, but Ziigmund gets a lucky river in a $231K pot.


Ziigmund turns top set to pick off durrrr’s set. $223K pot.


Again all in before the flop, durrrr’s kings win him a $218K pot.


Ziigmund’s double paired hand wins an all in against durrrr’s aces. $200K pot.


Ziigmund gets his money in drawing very thin. $200K pot.


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