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NEKOTYAN biggest winner in July, earns $776K

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July was not a huge month at Full Tilt Poker, but at least we saw a bit more high stakes action than in June.

Biggest winner in July was NEKOTYAN, who managed to earn almost $776,000. This Russian player has been doing great the whole year, and is currently up about $2,2 million. He is also the biggest winner this year at 7-Game, winning $1,5 million.

Two other big winners of the month were Finnish players Patrik Antonius and LokoIsBack. Antonius booked a nice $614,000 win, while LokoIsBack continued his great Cap PLO games with a $545,000 win. LokoIsBack has been winning consistently this year at Cap PLO, and is now up for the year about $2 million.

The biggest losers in July were instead players like Cole South (-$500K), Di "Urindanger" Dang (-$433K) and Tom "durrrr" Dwan (-$430K).



Show mini profile NEKOTYAN $775.724,50
Show mini profile Patrik Antonius $614.209,40
Show mini profile LokoIsBack $545.141,30
Show mini profile chipchip $358.998,30
Show mini profile Doesburg $304.976,00
Show mini profile URnotINdanger2 $280.012,30
Show mini profile Luukie21 $274.894,20
Show mini profile La Key U $244.526,20
Show mini profile jungleman12 $242.182,30
Show mini profile riyyc225 $240.386,10




Show mini profile Cole South $-496.378,80
Show mini profile Urindanger $-433.381,00
Show mini profile durrrr $-430.269,30
Show mini profile theASHMAN103 $-289.059,50
Show mini profile Phil Ivey $-279.287,70
Show mini profile rumprammer $-268.605,00
Show mini profile UarePileous $-243.137,60
Show mini profile Nizot Skizared $-237.404,40
Show mini profile ginette22 $-222.982,70
Show mini profile howisitfeellike $-221.814,10

I bet now in August the "real action" is going to start again, and while you wait that, you can check all the winners/losers so far in 2010 from this link.

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