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Patrik Antonius Dominates Gus Hansen in PLO and Omaha Hi/Lo

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Patrik Antonius

With the effects of Poker's Black Friday still looming, the high stakes tables have been quite slow. However, the last days 2 of poker's biggest non-American SuperStars, Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius, ended the lull.

The two Europeans played 491 hands of HU Omaha hi/lo limit and $300/$600 PLO. In the end, Patrik was able to secure a $351k win.

Patrik flops 2 pair and a flush draw and holds up twice for a $75k pot

Gus Hansen's 2 pair isn't enough against Patrik's turned straight, a $64k pot

A common fear amongst the rail was that the high stakes online games would cease to exist after the lockout of US players from the big 3 sites, however, if the non-US superstars like Gus and Patrik continue to grind, maybe the railbirds will have some high stakes games to watch after all.

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