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Doyle Brunson: "I'm playing poker 8-12 hours every day"

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Doyle Brunson.

Living poker legend Doyle Brunson has opened a new website with a blog. In his blog Brunson tells, among other things, about the big cash games in Las Vegas.

Brunson tells, that he has been playing everyday 8-12 hours each time despite having high blood pressure. He has had also some very good results in the cash games so far:

"I've been playing everyday 8-12 hours each time despite having high blood pressure I've been feeling good and have been on a heater winning 14 out of the last 15 days.

The blood pressure isn't dangerously high but all my life doctors have commented on how good it is. So its uncharted waters for me, the doctors said I had to give up salty foods for a while. There goes the Cheetos and gold fish snacks I've been eating at night.", Brunson tells.

According to his latest Twitter update, Brunson will blog about Full Tilt Poker and their problems next week.

You can find Doyle Brunson's new blog here!

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