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PokerStars Launches

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Poker players in Sweden and Finland received great news Monday when PokerStars launched a new site that will allow residents of those nations to play on the site tax-free. will continue to offer the same games and software as the dot-com site, but PokerStars' new Maltese gaming license will allow players in European markets to take advantage of the gambling-friendly tax laws of the European Union.

According to PokerStars Blog, PokerStars has an office in Malta directly responsible for handling the company's business operations in Sweden and Finland. Online poker winnings in Sweden and Finland are tax-free when won in the European Union under a license issued by a member state.

Swedish and Finnish players should expect a PokerStars system update when they next open the game software. That update will begin the process of transferring their accounts, cash balances, and FPPs to the system.

Source: PokerStars Blog

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