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Odd_Oddsen Wins $86k as the Action Slows at PokerStars

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Odd_Oddsen was the biggest winner on a slow day at PokerStars high stakes tables yesterday

Maybe the huge fortunes won and lost at the $200/$400 PLO and $1k/$2k limit tables have taken their toll, or maybe its just the anticipation of the return of Full Tilt Poker but yesterday saw quite a drop in the high octane action we've been accustomed to at PokerStars high stakes tables with no six figure winners emerging from the days sessions. The biggest winner was Odd_Oddsen who carved out an $86k win at the PLO tables.

In fact Oddsen played the majority of his 1077 hands at the $25/$50 limits although won most of his money on visits to the $50/$100 and one outing to a $100/$200 table. It was at this table where Oddsen made his largest (but by no means large!) pot of the day;

Odd_Oddsen rivers the nuts to pick up this $25.6k pot

The biggest pots of the last 24 hours haven't been particularly earth shattering either. Here are the biggest two played out at $50/$100 limits, one at NLHE and the other at PLO;
A fortunate turn hands this $39.3k pot to altiFC

A desperate bet on the turn to try to steal this pot goes wrong for NyPogadi11 as BenyamineX flops two pair to crush his opponent and take this $35.8k pot

Second biggest winner was GVOZDIKA55 who took over $83k playing in the 8 game format, winning his money from gunning4you in a long 700 hand session yesterday.

There were also no six figure losers yesterday with the aforementioned gunning4you being the days biggest loser with his $86.7k loss in the 8 game.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

Odd_Oddsen +$86k
GVOZDIKA55 +$83k
n0d1ceb4by +$70k
altiFC +$66.5k

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