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O Fortuna PLS Wins $132k From Isildur1

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O Fortuna PLS is enjoying a good comeback at Full Tilt Poker
An up and down down for Isildur1 who started the day a $200k winner but ended a $100k loser

Yesterdays biggest winner only spent half an hour at the tables of Full Tilt yesterday as O Fortuna PLS won $131.9k in a short yet very successful 33 minutes, 81 hand session at a $1500/$3000 tables of 2-7 Triple Draw against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom yesterday morning.

Other than O Fortuna PLS the only other Full Tilt player to break the top ten biggest winners yesterday was Jens "Ingenious89" Kyllönen who won $44k playing $50/$100 and $25/$50 PLO. In fact, Kyllönen was yesterdays overall biggest winner as he also took a six figure score as Jeans89 over at PokerStars almost exclusively due to a $98.8k win during an evening session of $200/$400 PLO against the likes of Vaga_Lion, Barcode, 1-ronnyr3, bernard-bb, eitan2134. Here is Jens biggest pot of the day;

A flopped pair of 9's is enough for Jeans89 to take this $69.5k pot as neither player hits their flush draw

The biggest pots of the day however came from yesterdays 4th biggest winner Ilari FIN, who ended the day a $78.6k winner, after some morning sessions of heads up $200/$400 PLO;

Ilari flops the bigger set on his way to this $141.7k pot


Ilari flops the nuts and gets paid off by Barcode in this $80k pot


The days third placed finisher was Trueteller who won $79.8k playing NLHE - winning his money at the $300/$600 tables heads up against Isildur1. The games were played very shallow as Trueteller refused to play deep, with each player starting with $12k stacks. If both stacks got much above $25k Trueteller left the table and they opened another. In effect the were more of less playing a CAP game and as a result there were lots of pre-flop and flop shoving, never giving Isildur1 to play his preferred deep stack strategy.

Isildur1 also suffered c.$30k-$40k losses at the $50/$100 PLO ring games and heads up against IReadYrSoul at $100/$200 NLHE tables. However, he wasn't the days biggest loser as just after midnight server time Isildur1 had beaten SallyWoo for $181k at the $2k/$4k FLO8 tables. This win also tempered Isildur1's losses for the day as he ended a $105k loser yesterday, still over $90k up over the weekend.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

O Fortuna PLS +$131.9k

Jeans89 +$100k

Trueteller +$79.8k

Ilari FIN +$78.6k

Check out Sunday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.

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