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Canadian Jonathan Roy wins WPT Montreal 2012

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Jonathan Roy wins WPT Montreal and $784.101
Antonio Esfandiari and Michael Phelps supporting their friend Jeff Gross (3rd place finisher) at WPT Montreal.

This was the biggest live tournament ever held in Canada with a starting field of 1.173 players and also the first time the WPT was hosted in Montreal. After four days of play it was down to the final 6 players to battle it out for the title and a 1st prize of $784.101.

Chip counts when the final table started:

1. Sylvain Siebert 8,850,000
2. Jeff Gross 8,650,000
3. Jonathan Roy 7,480,000
4. Pascal Lefrancois 6,065,000
5. Peter Kaemmerlen 2,405,000
6. Gavin Smith 1,605,000

The final table took off with a bang. On the very first hand Peter Kaemmerlen was all-in with JdiamondJheart against Jeff Gross holding Aheart10diamond. The board looked good for Kaemmerlen all the way until the river when a devastating ace showed up and sent Kaemmerlen to the rail in 6th place ($113.155).

On hand #4 Sylvain Siebert, chip leader when the final table started, moves all-in with Aclub7spade on turn when the board shows 8club7club3heart 9club. He gets a snap call from Pascal Lefrancois with QclubJclub. River is a meaningless Jheart. Lefrancois flush holds up and Siebert goes from chip leader to short stack just 4 hands into the final table.

After that the play calms down a little until Sylvain Siebert moves allin from small blind with 6club5diamond, but it's bad timing when Jonathan Roy wakes up with QclubQspade. No miracles and Siebert is out in 5th ($147.184).

A few orbits later Gavin Smith pushes his short stack all-in with Adiamond5spade , Jonathan Roy calls with Kclub7spade  and the board comes 8diamond8spade2club7diamond3club  and Smith leaves the tournament in 4th place ($211.745).

Then the three players left playing about 100 hands before next elimination. Pascal Lefrancois (Kheart10spade) and Jeff Gross (4diamond4spade) ends up all-in pre flop. The flop Jdiamond8heart4heart  looks really good for Gross, but Qheart on turn and Aheart on river gives Lefrancois the flush and Gross is crippled. A few hands later Jeff Gross went out in 3rd ($319.238).

When the heads up starts Jonathan Roy have a small lead and when the final two hands shows up they are nearly even in chips. They get it all-in, Roy with KspadeQclub  and Lefrancois holding 6heart6spade. The board comes Kdiamond7heart7clubQdiamondJheart and Lefrancois is left with just 1 big blind and the hand after it's all over. Jonathan Roy, born in Montreal, wins WPT Montreal and gets $784.101 and the title.

Results, top 6 WPT Montreal 2012:

1. Jonathan Roy $784,101
2. Pascal Lefrancois $473,572
3. Jeff Gross $319,238
4. Gavin Smith $212,937
5. Sylvain Siebert $147,184
6. Peter Kaemmerlen $113,792

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