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samrostan Crushes Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond For Over $800k in Huge 8-Game Battle

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Macau based pro samrostan is now up over $1.1m this week

After two successive leaderboard topping days, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond was on a bit of a roll as he sat down with Macau based player samrostan at the 8-Game tables yesterday. It wasn't to be third time lucky for Galfond, however, as samrostan ended the day with an $833k profit.

The heads-up match started at 0.20am yesterday morning, not ending until samrostan called time 8 hours and 40 minutes later, with a huge $705k profit to show for his efforts.

It was pretty much all one way traffic, with Galfond never managing a comeback of any significance throughout the match. Undoubtedly samrostan ran well during the match, but he also played extremely well, with Galfond getting increasingly frustrated.

When samrostan finally told Galfond he needed to leave to eat and sleep, Galfond practically begged him to stay for another couple of hours, but samrostan was adamant he needed rest, but promised to play again later. This seemed to eventually satisty Galfond, and the pair left the table.

It was another 13 hours until the pair resumed their battle, and once again it was samrostan who lead the 3 hour 50 minute match from start to finish, and over the course of 652 hands, he added a further $140k to his win over Galfond.

samrostan's $833k win yesterday puts him up over $1.1m since this time last week.

The other six figure winner at Full Tilt yesterday was Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, who finally had a good day at the tables. He made all of his profit from morning sessions of PLO, with a little 2-7 Triple Draw thrown in.

Firstly, he beat Rui Cao for $63k over four tables of $50/$100 PLO in a quickfire session which lasted less than a quarter of an hour. The pair then swapped to the $500/$1000 2-7 Triple Draw tables, with Blom winning a furher $27k in just six minutes.

The rest of Blom's profit came from some PLO sessions, played heads-up with Austrian pro, Harry "Schoitl" Cassagrande.

After winning $10k across two tables of $100/$200, Blom suggested a move to the $200/$400 limits. It proved to be a good move for Blom as he added a further $71k to his profits from the 90 minute session.

After some minor losses from later in the day are taken into account, Blom ended the day with a much needed $164.4k win.

There was a six figure winner over at PokerStars, where Tim0thee played a marathon multi-table session of $50/$100 NLHE. He played for ten hours, at one point across seven tables, playing against the likes of Ben86, forhayley, OtB_RedBaron, wilhasha, and Lottenice, ending with a $122.6k profit.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

samrostan +$833.4k

Isildur1 +$164.4k

Tim0thee +$122.6k

Lottenice +$75.1k

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