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Gus Hansen Wins $1.2m at PLO and 2-7 Triple Draw

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Hot on the heels of Isildur1's big win, Full Tilt stablemate Gus Hansen has made a seven figure score at the nosebleeds

It's been a good few days for the Full Tilt Pro's as not 24 hours after Viktor "Isildur1" Blom registered a $1.6m win at the high stakes tables, his stablemate Gus Hansen has also enjoyed a seven figure win and is up close to $1.2m since the start of play yesterday.

Hansen has split his winnings between the $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw and the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables, winning a large number of six figure sums at both.

His early success came at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, and within the first few hours of the day, he had won over $300k, including $165k and $107k sessions playing against ragen70, Isildur1, jungleman12, thecortster, and taktloss47.

Hansen then spent much of the remainder of the morning, and from early afternoon into the evening sessions at the PLO tables, winning around $350k whilst playing against al the usual suspects including; Bttech86, no_Ola, mikki696, trex313, Isildur1, BlondieCutie, Schoitl, Vaga_Lion, Ingenious89, ronnyr37617, and others.

All the while, Hansen was still occasionally mixing it up at the Triple Draw tables, winning another $60k in a late morning session, ending with a $160.6k win after a huge session at table Upper. Hansen joined the table at a little before 4pm, and didn't leave until gone 5.30am this morning, putting in over 1,200 hands at this table alone.

The good news didn't stop there for Hansen, as he is already up over $270k today after winning close to $100k from PLO sessions which started after midnight, and $180k back at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, including a $152k win at table Castings.

In total, since yesterday morning, Hansen is currently up $1,179,608.

The only other six figure winner from yesterday's games was Ben "Bttech96" Tollerene, who bagged $166k at the CAP PLO tables. Tollerene is now way in front of the competition as the biggest winner so far in 2014 and has added almost $600k to his total winnings in the past seven days.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Gus Hansen +$902k

Bttech86 +$166k

thecortster +$99.7k

Vaga_Lion +$62k

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