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Patrik Antonius wins a $369k pot on NL $500/1000

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Patrik Antonius and pr1nnyraid played another great session on the $500/1000 table on Full Tilt Poker yesterday. Eearlier on the day Antonius lost $153k against pr1nnyraid on $300/600 so this was for sure a very nice rematch for Patrik.

Here are the two largest hands from this session:

  Patrik Antonius hits a perfect flop and busted a overpair from pr1nnyraid, $170k pot
  Patrik Antonius wins the largest hand this month with a pair of aces, $369k pot

What is worth mentioning about yesterdays action is that even though Patrik won these huge two pots he was still down about $300k after a big loss on Omaha H/L, another example of the big swings on these limits.

 Yesterday's results on Full Tilt Poker

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