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Patrik Antonius up $2,8M already in 2009

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Patrik Antonius has started the year 2009 very strong and his winnings are already up to a very nice 2,83 million dollars. Antonius has done extremely well at the $500/$1,000 PL HA-tables, mostly by beating "durrrr".

Below are few big pots from last days won by Patrik:

 durrrrs jacks are no good as Patrik wins a pot worth of $297k 
 Mafews and Patrik go all-in on the flop, $252k pot
 Time for OMGClayAiken to take some damage too, $207k pot

Lets see if Antonius can keep his good run at the tables, you can check Patrik Antonius profile here and follow his graph.

It is also interesting to see if Patrik is the first player to play "durrrr" in the million dollar challenge, this is a chat for a few days ago:

Patrik Antonius: durrr i have a question
durrrr: b/c thats obv
durrrr: 8
Patrik Antonius: is david gonna play u?
durrrr: is my answer
durrrr: mmm idk
durrrr: id like to start them early febuary
durrrr: i figure we will figure it out in aussie
Patrik Antonius: phil told me i could play u first in that
durrrr: coocoo
Patrik Antonius: im ready when ever u feel starting it
durrrr: id rather wait until feb, theres gonna be so many
games in aussie
durrrr: or hopefully there will be @ least
Patrik Antonius: i agree

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