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Reduce your variance with Insuredplay – No more bad beats

Insuredplay is an innovative new product that allows you to protect your bankroll from swings and variance. This is done via a small poker application from Insuredplay that keeps track of the hands you play in real-time, and offers you a so-called all-in insurance for all hands that end up all-in. Every time you choose to buy the insurance, you receive exactly what your equity is when the hands are turned up. E.g. if you are 80% to win, you receive 80% of the pot.

How it works

In a fictitious Texas Hold’em poker hand between you and a single opponent all the money goes in pre-flop where you hold AA vs your opponent’s KK. You have each bet $50, building a $100 pot. Insuredplay's program will instantly calculate your exact equity in the hand and come up with 80% equity for you and 20% for your opponent.

From this calculation, the chance of you losing the hand is 20% and Insuredplay will therefore charge you $100*20% = $20 in order to insure the hand. There are now three possible scenarios:

a) If your hand loses your Insuredplay account will be credited with $100 as your insurance will kick in

b) If your hand wins you will keep the $100 in your stack at the table but lose the $20 insurance premium

c) The hand gets tied and you keep the $50 in your stack at the table, the insurance kicks in and an additional $50 is credited to your Insuredplay account.

As you can see in all these scenarios you receive the same profit regardless if the hand is won, lost or tied. You can use insurance on pretty much all equity situations, everywhere from having 1-99% chance of winning. See Insuredplay's FAQ for more info.

Benefits of having insurance while playing

Any serious poker player can benefit from using Insuredplay's services while playing, regardless of the stakes played.

Psychological edge - Having insurance will help you with tilt issues and coping with downswings. Losing three 2-outer hands in a row will affect even the best of players. Using insurance ensures that you profit from every single hand you get it in as a favorite, and you will lose less the times you aren't.

Play higher stakes - As insurance removes the variance from all-in situations, you will be able to reduce your bankroll requirements and allow yourself to play higher stakes.

Reduce variance - As mentioned above insurance will lessen your swings. A good session can easily end badly when you get all-in and your opponent hits his miracle card. With Insuredplay you always receive your equity in the hands that go all-in.

Some things to think about

While Insuredplay is ideal for most serious players looking to profit, and stay in the game for a long time, there are a couple of points to consider when using the insurance:

You need funds in your Insuredplay account - In order to buy insurance you need funds to do so, if your Insuredplay account is empty you will need to top it up.

A professional approach is needed - Spiking a two-outer becomes less fun when you have paid the insurance premium for it. However, as any skilled player you know that there will be more situations where you get it in as a favorite than the other way around.

The insurance fee - Insuredplay charges a fee on each hand that is insured. This fee is relatively small, 1.49% for first time users down to 0.25% for experienced users, but it is something to note.

To learn all about how the Insuredplay client and service works, visit their FAQ here.