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Coming  complete with a fistful of amazing testimonials from players of all skill levels, NL coaching with PokerStars #1 winner at NL2k in 2010 "YourDoom" seems to offer something for everyone looking to maximize their earnings in the year ahead.

YourDoom's complete 2012 results:

YourDoom's NL2k results in 2010:

With tailored training and proven results for any serious individual wanting to up their win rate YourDoom has mastered the art of increasing that most important of statistics, a player's bb/100 figure - giving the player optimum returns for time invested. Winning at a rate of over 10bb/100 for over five years "YourDoom" is also a former teacher of mathematics so he can bring not only a proven poker record to the table but also a proven ability to communicate, teach and impart wisdom on his pupils.

As well as offering personal coaching for €295 per hour Ryan's site offers excellent, highly detailed video poker courses, specifically created and designed to cover every aspect of your poker game.

There are three main NL courses which have been painstakingly created to enable you to take your game to the next level including;

  • How to Play from the Blinds
    This is YourDoom’s first, and most popular video series and goes to great detail to explain concepts which will enable you to play effective poker from the blinds – an area which is rarely given the attention it deserves, especially considering it is where you are likely to incur the majority of your poker losses. Through 16 videos of content YourDoom you can expect to dramatically improve your blind play. Click for a complete course outline
  • How to Play Optimally With and Against a 40BB Stack
    YourDoom explains the necessary tactics to destroy the shallow tables available online. With the course you will be well ahead of the curve as these games are still in their infancy and with few players currently understanding how to play them optimally this course could be a potential goldmine for any budding 40bb player. Click for a complete course outline
  • Advanced Tactics: How to Beat Small, Medium and High Stakes at Over 10bb/100
    With over twice the content of his other series this is the real “Full Monty” package. With 24 videos going into plenty of detail and covering every topic imaginable; from bet sizing to assessing ranges, 3/4/5 betting ranges, playing specific hands against raises, slowplaying, how to play regulars in certain spots, bluffing, multi-way pots, anti-tilt tricks and so much more – this is the ultimate training course available online today. As with the other courses this series comes with quiz videos to test how much you have learned through the course of the program. Click for a complete course outline

When you purchase any of YourDoom's courses, not only do you get unlimited lifetime access to the incredibly popular and very well reviewed video series, but you also get a lifetime membership into the private course forum, where some of the most advanced, noise free and diverse discussion on NLH is taking place right now.  This is an advanced community which is dedicated to learning, study, discussion and growth.

YourDoomPoker is your one-stop source for the most elite poker courses on earth. Unlike other sites who are willing to sell video series made by anyone, Ryan has been interviewing and vetting candidates with the goal to add exactly ONE and ONLY ONE top, elite, accomplished coach from each major poker specialty.

Teaching hyper sit and go’s is UK pro and author of “Secrets of Sitngos” and “Secrets of Non-standard Sitngos” Phil Shaw. Phil has been a sit and go expert and highstakes cash game pro for many years, is a former Cardrunners instructor and PokerStrategy instructor and a highly active player (Supernova Elite at PokerStars). You can purchase Phil's video coaching series “Beating 6-max hyper turbos for fun and profit” from for €497.

Cash/MTT players will learn how to adapt their skills to this format and ICM constraints, and the hyper format itself will provide the best opportunity for them to hit end of year VIP goals and Supernova Elite since at the highest levels it is possible to generate 1500-2000 VPPs per hour, which is far greater than all other games. The course will give you all the information you need to adapt quickly and hit the ground running. – see the course outline here

Teaching PLO is two time PLO Player of the Year on PTR, strategy writer for Poker Player Magazine and Cardrunners instructor, as well a highly successful PLO200-PLO1k player “Kazor”.  Kazor has contributed a PLO six max video course to for just €297. The course, entitled “How to Crush PLO Cash Games” is a ten part, exhaustive coaching tutorial – see the course outline here. Read more about Kazor and some of his glowing testimonials here

Teaching standard six max and full ring sit and go’s is Faarcyde, also a PokerStrategy and Cardrunners instructor who is an experience and very popular SNG coach. Faarcyde has created a 6 hour video tutorial session designed to enable you to beat any level of sit and go entitled “Mastering Full Ring and Six-Max Tournaments”.The course is priced at €297 but is now on sale at the ridiculous price of only €197. For a limited time you can use the promocode: SickDeal1313 to receive €100 off of your purchase price! To see the course outline click here.

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