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Latest tweets by Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth 6 hours 7 minutes ago
@shaundeeb Lol
Phil Hellmuth 6 hours 8 minutes ago
PIC: worlds first RNG Certified Pineapple Poker App! It's free and has chat...Notice @ShaunDeeb is CRUSHING me!
Phil Hellmuth 11 hours 19 minutes ago
@RonC2009 @ChiHorseshoe thought about playing @WSOP Circuit Tourn, but committed to go to World Series Games 3 & 4 Fri and Sat #GoGiants
Phil Hellmuth 11 hours 47 minutes ago
@ajgour11 My wife travels w me sometimes (we will hit Manhattan and Chicago next Monday), but not often enough!
Phil Hellmuth 11 hours 49 minutes ago
@TheJesus99 Yeah, good call @WPT Montreal is a good option for me! Great tourney, and LOVE Canada
Phil Hellmuth 14 hours 29 minutes ago
Feels like I'm at the top of my game now, so scouring Card Player Website looking for tourns that fit my schedule
Phil Hellmuth Yesterday 7:53 PM
Home!! Nice to be home, gonna take my son to a SFGiants World Series Game this week and CHILL
Phil Hellmuth Sunday 4:04 AM
Thanks @CrownPoker for doing a great job hosting @WSOP APAC! The staff is terrific, and I love the city if Melbourne and Crown Casino
Phil Hellmuth Saturday 11:00 AM
Yep, and we may be drinking together at another club tonight! RT @MagicAntonio @phil_hellmuth have to agree to disagree, fishbowls!!!
Phil Hellmuth Saturday 10:58 AM
@RyanRiess1 @MagicAntonio Good points, but awfully hard to beat him a big pot!!
Phil Hellmuth Tuesday 10:28 AM
RT @IFPoker: "25 years, I’m just very happy & thankful to still be around because nothing is guaranteed for anyone" @phil_hellmuth http://t…
Phil Hellmuth Tuesday 9:28 AM
It hurts to fly all the way to Melbourne, play great poker, and lose! Then again: sometimes I fly across the world and CRUSH! #POSITIVITY
Phil Hellmuth Tuesday 8:06 AM
Played great poker: kept chipping up, but lost 3 all ins. My As-Ks vs 8-8, my A-Q vs 3-3, and busted on Q-J-10 board w my Qc-Jc vs 9-8
Phil Hellmuth Tuesday 4:58 AM
In Day 2 @WSOP APAC Main Event: 329 started, 163 left, 36 get paid. Ave is 60.500, I have 51,500. Let's go! #POSITIVITY #WSOPBracelet14
Phil Hellmuth Tuesday 3:32 AM
For the record, I love Melbourne! And @CrownPoker has done a terrific job running @WSOP\nAPAC. Dealers, staff, floor people are excellent
Phil Hellmuth Tuesday 3:06 AM
In Day 2 of @WSOP APAC Main Event, let's go! 329 started, 183 left, I have 28,000, ave stack is 53,900. Doing what I LOVE! #POSITIVITY
Phil Hellmuth Tuesday 2:59 AM
Enjoyed @ShaneWarne and @JosephHachem's Charity Poker Tourn. First class event at @CrownMelbourne by first class guys #PokerForCharity
Phil Hellmuth Monday 2:04 PM
Day 2 of @WSOP APAC Main Event begins in 12 hours. I do not have a lot of chips, BUT I think I can find a way to make Day 3 #POSITIVITY
Phil Hellmuth Monday 6:59 AM
I LOVE hosting this First Class Charity Poker Tourn in Manhattan for @ChildrensPhila! Oct 29 at Mandarin Oriental
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