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Matt Savage 11 hours 50 minutes ago
RT @JordanFrog: when will the LA Poker Open Schedule be up for 2014?<~Soon, done and looks good 50/100/100K guarantees 1st weekend Nov 7/8/9
Matt Savage Monday 3:43 AM
RT @pokergreyeagle: 1st hand on FT. AA vs. AK. @SavagePoker doing the play by play. #DSPTCalgary <~Packed House!!!!
Matt Savage Monday 3:42 AM
RT @Woohoofoxy: Area of USA is 9,161,923 km Vs Europes 3,788,027 km.. Your point being?<~Your chants and extra "u's" are dumb, what's a km?
Matt Savage Monday 12:58 AM
Is there any thought that the US will never win another Ryder Cup @HankDHaney @RyanBallengee? Fifty countries vs one seem a bit unfair.
Matt Savage Thursday 7:53 AM
@pokerwomennews @REALJenHarman @LilyKiletto @Raw_Nit @WPT @Bay101Casino <~Would say @VanessaSelbst is just assumed if she is willing?
Matt Savage Thursday 7:52 AM
RT @pokerwomennews: .@REALJenHarman, @LilyKiletto and @Raw_Nit have been selected @WPT @Bay101Casino Shooting Stars in 2015. Who's next? ht…
Matt Savage Thursday 5:56 AM
RT @DeepStacks: The @GreyEagleResort series is in full swing! Day 1B $550 NL w/ $75kGT starts tomorrow & then the Main! Come join us! http:…
Matt Savage Thursday 5:53 AM
Heading to @PokerGreyEagle in morning for @DeepStacks $1,100 event. It will be a great time and I look forward to making many new friends.
Matt Savage Wednesday 10:47 PM
@tzoutzourakis: Oh. Ok. Thanks lots tho. Fun to have a real pro clear up for us amateur.<~Yeah, I don't think anywhere he'd have to call
Matt Savage Wednesday 10:39 PM
@tzoutzourakis: @SavagePoker It was a cash game.<~Correct so it's a house rule and I've seen it both ways.
Matt Savage Wednesday 10:38 PM
@SteveBrecher: Why is it not a min raise to 800?<~It similar to a post bet flop of a single 500 chip. Always bets to state your amount.
Matt Savage Wednesday 10:36 PM
@gptmarcel: In tournaments are late entries and/or re-entries allowed to come in on the SB?<~It can happen but it's VERY unlikely.
Matt Savage Wednesday 10:29 PM
RT @SteveBrecher: @SavagePoker Ruling requested on 2+2: <~It's a raise 1,000 without stating differently
Matt Savage Wednesday 10:27 PM
@tzoutzourakis: 1-2$. SB puts in 1$ on his turn not realizing theres a raise. He folds, dealer gives him back the 1$?<~In a tourney it says
Matt Savage Wednesday 10:13 PM
RT @Wptseuss: any links for November LA Poker Open schedule for this year available @CommerceCasino?<~It should be on there in a week
Matt Savage Wednesday 10:11 PM
RT @WPT: Announcing the Sunshine Swing, bridging WPT Caribbean at @CasinoRoyaleSXM and the WPT @bestbet_jax Bounty Scramble -…
Matt Savage Wednesday 6:38 PM
RT @BluffEurope: Read about the meteoric rise of @WPT's golden girl @HermanceBlum
Matt Savage 8 hours 39 minutes ago
Received a settlement check from @EpicPoker today, not what I was owed but it really was like finding money in the street. #Happy
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