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Matt Savage 6 hours 7 minutes ago
RT @King_Jack_10: In 21 days #LAPokerOpen starts @CommerceCasino, Big Guarantees, NON ReEntry 1 Day Events -> Schedule & Structures http://…
Matt Savage 6 hours 8 minutes ago
RT @King_Jack_10: Event 1 of #LAPokerOpen @CommerceCasino Nov 7th at 5PM - $160 NLH $50,000 Guarantee - No ReEntry - 1 Day Event http://t.c…
Matt Savage 6 hours 33 minutes ago
@birs320 give SB the raise amount back ONLY, give BB the pot, make sure the dealer gets write up for not paying attention!
Matt Savage 11 hours 47 minutes ago
RT @mattbrady_:\n\nAfter a 1 week hiatus, my Week 7 Fantasy Football "Box Score Round Up" is posted--would love to hea…
Matt Savage 12 hours 38 minutes ago
RT @darrenrovell: TV station has Gary Payton, not Peyton Manning, breaking TD record (H/T @AshokaESPN)
Matt Savage 13 hours 13 minutes ago
@BJNemeth: @candacepoker @MaryannSavage Not even for $1,000 cash.<~Be ready to see disappointed Maryann face! #Balut #Aphrodisiac ??
Matt Savage 13 hours 30 minutes ago
RT @candacepoker: @BJNemeth Have fun in the Philippines! Suck it up and eat the feathery-> ??<~Yes BJ, @MaryannSavage taking you for Balut!
Matt Savage 13 hours 37 minutes ago
RT @ScottWLake: <~The Cowboys have 5 of them! #OldNews #BFD The Seahawks must be satisfied with one?
Matt Savage 13 hours 41 minutes ago
@tonyniehaus: 300-600 guy says 12 then puts in exactly 12k? Usually smaller amount I know but since it's exact?<~Allow 12K if no delay/warn
Matt Savage 13 hours 48 minutes ago
MT @SBNation: Rams embarrass Hawks." <~Was Carroll high fiving players after this play? #Lol
Matt Savage 15 hours 15 minutes ago
Just slept 8 straight hours from 4pm-midnight so will be fighting hard tomorrow to fight the jet lag before @WPT Philippines player party.
Matt Savage 21 hours 43 minutes ago
RT @Rich_WPT: Wow first #WPTNMarrakech with 502 entries last week and now #WPTNBarcelona with 515 two records on the trot! #WPTNVienna 21 -…
Matt Savage Yesterday 8:11 AM
RT @hardiman_ryan: @chkrpoker then what's to stp endless tanking?<~If constantly tanking have not problem saying something when NOT in hand.
Matt Savage Yesterday 7:39 AM
RT @coolbearcjs: what do you think about discussion of adding time clock on each hand to speed up players<~Not a fan, but please call clock
Matt Savage Yesterday 7:20 AM
RT @chkrpoker: is it ethical for TD to call clock in heads up for tourney title when the other player has NOT called clock?<~Uh, unlikely?
Matt Savage Yesterday 4:52 AM
@ThePokerMentor: Why doesn't commerce consider making the noon Saturday and Sunday Dailies 30 minute Levels?<~Let's ask @King_Jack_10?
Matt Savage Yesterday 4:45 AM
RT @JBrikis: The cool kids are rushing to add Baldwin and w that<~Thanks buddy 7 for 123 and a TD! #CoolKid
Matt Savage Yesterday 2:12 PM
RT @mjgreenburger: Cash-Game, 4 way action, player inadvertently exposes hand, all but active player c's exposed hand?<~Continue the hand
Matt Savage Yesterday 2:11 PM
RT @LoAnPer66: 27 players from 205 in $30K guar & payouts still haven't been posted. Is there rule for this?<~Within hour of reg closing IMO
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