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Catch up on the latest twitter from the high stakes poker world. HighstakesDB collect the tweets made by most well-known players and profiles within the poker world and display it for your viewing. To see all the tweets from a specific person, simply click their name and you'll be taken to a dedicated page for that tweeter.

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Vanessa Selbst  16 hours 56 minutes ago
@abkairov Hi Nikolay. We are worried about the US govt abuses of power just like Russians worried about Putin. I am creating an app to fight
Vanessa Selbst  16 hours 56 minutes ago
@abkairov back, could use info on video streaming technology to do it. Please DM me if you have time. Really appreciate it.
Phil Hellmuth  17 hours 27 minutes ago
Teed off at 2017 US Open Course @ErinHillsGolf at 6:50 PM w 4 cool caddies, a cigar & a Macallan 18. TY Head Pro Jim Lombardo #POSITIVITY
Sam Trickett (hsdb profile 17 hours 33 minutes ago
The dogs haven't left my side since I got back from Vegas #loyal #dogs #mansbestfriend #happy http://t.co/0KaDmC6a73
Matt Savage  17 hours 55 minutes ago
@cypradn Want to respond to this PocketFives thread? http://t.co/MeT34hmou3 <~Penalty for sure, disclosing contents of hand w/action pending
Brian Hastings (hsdb profile 18 hours 10 minutes ago
@JustinBonomo @JeffRossiter maybe ask very politely if she's ready to check out yet? I dunno man tough spot...
Mike "Timex" McDonald  18 hours 12 minutes ago
@JeffRossiter @JustinBonomo put your things on the conveyor belt as if she didn't exist
Sam Trickett (hsdb profile 18 hours 13 minutes ago
@SavagePoker It wasn't a great film for the English folk...haha
ZeeJustin  18 hours 15 minutes ago
.@brianchastings @JeffRossiter She's not old and nothing weighs more than a pound! I don't want to insult her or be rude!
ZeeJustin  18 hours 18 minutes ago
Lady in front of me at Whole Foods isn't taking anything out of her cart. Conveyer belt is empty. Help! What do I do?!
Brian Hastings (hsdb profile 18 hours 18 minutes ago
@JustinBonomo ask her if she needs help?
Matt Savage  18 hours 31 minutes ago
RT @Samtrickett1: It took nearly 20 years but I'm about to watch Braveheart for the 1st time.<~How'd you like it? England lost again?
Matt Savage  18 hours 52 minutes ago
RT @allinmag: "Turf Wars": @ChrisTessaro disagrees with @GregMerson on the WPT500 overlapping with the WSOP Main Event http://t.co/MnrGKiTt…
Sam Trickett (hsdb profile 19 hours 11 minutes ago
Gladiator is still my #1 film tho....
Jeff Madsen  19 hours 14 minutes ago
@floesknows just won the life tournament
Jeff Madsen  19 hours 16 minutes ago
lol classic @floesknows .. Left random stuff in my garage a year and a half ago.. Decided to come back… http://t.co/7KiprWcI9J
Greg FBT Mueller  19 hours 25 minutes ago
C ya Vegas!!! Other than 0 Jewelery great summer! Omw 2 LA, Catch a few ball games, R&R, then off 2 @PokerNightTV 2 empty #ManillaEnvelope
Jeff Madsen  19 hours 33 minutes ago
Also I'll do a no ?????? prop-bet if anyone is interested
Jonathan Little  19 hours 34 minutes ago
I went to a recording studio. The purpose was to read Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Vol 1… http://t.co/GHtFWOfJrB
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