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HeadShotFyoV Unknown -$65,972

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PLO (50/100) $21,554
PLO (50/100) $20,000
PLO (50/100) $20,000
PLO (50/100) $19,759
PLO (50/100) $19,196

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Barcode Hits Back With a $171k Win

After suffering a $192k loss yesterday mainly at the hands of regular foe Ilari FIN at the $200/$400 deep with antes PLO tables, the ever present Barcode hit back yesterday to top Sunday's leader boar...
November 26, 2012

October Online Review - Million Dollar Months for Ilari FIN & Barcode

We certainly saw plenty of great high stakes online action in October with big performances at some point from all the great players including Ilari FIN, Isildur1, Sauce123, Barcode, RaiseOnce, Ben86 ...
November 2, 2012

GVOZDIKA55 Has A +$200k Day & is up Over $500k This Week

Russian player Vladimir "GVOZDIKA55" Shchemelev has had a great week at the limit tables and after his $203.5k win yesterday moves to over $550k in profit for the week and is fast approaching a millio...
October 16, 2012