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Hold'em NL
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Katya_18’s latest opponents

Photo Nickname Real name Winnings
Ike Haxton Isaac Haxton $729,893
1-ronnyr3 Ronny Kaiser N/A
RaiseOnce Phil Ivey? -$885,447
candela2005 Unknown -$629,407
shevliak Unknown $30,057

Katya_18’s biggest pots

Cards Date Game Pot size
NLHE (200/400) $101,585
NLHE (100/200) $83,084
NLHE (200/400) $82,985
NLHE (200/400) $80,595
NLHE (200/400) $80,395

Katya_18’s latest news

KPR16 Wins $234k at FLO8

After the dominance of the Triple Draw and 8-Game winners over the past month or so, yesterday saw the return of some big wins for the FLO8 specialists. Kyle "KPR16" Ray was the day's biggest winner w...
April 16, 2014

Niki Jedlicka Wins Half a Million In Full Tilt 8-Game

After a year and a half absence from the high stakes tables of Full Tilt, Niki Jedlicka stormed back with a huge $512.8k win at the 8-Game tables yesterday.
April 5, 2014

KPR16 Wins $125.5k as Isildur1's Mini Slump Continues

There was a dearth of high stakes action over at Full Tilt yesterday, with a fair mount of high stakes pros chancing their arm at the WSOPE, and also, no doubt, due to the fact that Viktor "Isildur1" ...
October 17, 2013