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Photo Nickname Real name Winnings
1-ronnyr3 Ronny Kaiser N/A
ChaoRen160 Mikael Thuritz $808,055
Trueteller Unknown N/A
JayP-AA Unknown N/A
Deldar182 Unknown N/A

bernard-bb’s biggest pots

Cards Date Game Pot size
PLO (100/200) $243,107
PLO (100/200) $176,650
PLO (200/400) $160,612
PLO (100/200) $119,613
PLO (200/400) $118,995

bernard-bb’s latest news

Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene is Saturday's Only Six Figure Winner - Makes $162k at $500/$1000 CAP PLO

Yesterday was a relatively slow day at the nosebleeds, with Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene the o...
May 19, 2013

Bttech86 Wins Latest CAP PLO Battle & A Good Day for Phil "Polarizing" Ivey

Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene took close to $400k from Isildur1 in 2.5 hours of $500/$1000 CAP PLO in the latest installment of their ongoing nightly high stakes battles.
May 5, 2013

bernard-bb Wins $135k at PLO While Isildur1 Continues to Pay a Premium for Limit Lessons

bernard-bb has been quietly enjoying a fantastic year at PokerStars high stakes tables and...
August 28, 2012