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Hold'em NL

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Photo Nickname Real name Winnings
Ben86 Ben Tollerene N/A
Also11 Unknown N/A
Katya_18 Unknown N/A
BB1985 Unknown $57,861
Vaga_Lion Rob Akery $1,385,765

limmouse’s biggest pots

Cards Date Game Pot size
NLHE (100/200) $79,870
NLHE (50/100) $66,843
NLHE (50/100) $62,811
NLHE (50/100) $61,445
NLHE (50/100) $59,969

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5 Biggest Pots Of The Week

8-Game brings the biggest pots of the week
December 19, 2013

wilhasha & limmouse Make Six Figure Scores at NLHE

Yesterday saw wilhasha make a much needed six figure score at PokerStars high stakes NLHE tables. It's been a downward slide for the unknown NLHE player for the past few months at PokerStars but yeste...
October 11, 2012