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The US government's clamp down on online poker has limited its availability to American players a great deal the last few years. Before Black Friday in 2011, US players had a lot more choices and the sites had a lot more liquidity in terms of online players.

However, it's not all bad and in this case the upside has been a lot better poker and rakeback deals have become available to US players. Continue reading below to learn about players' best choices and options as where to play. Click the yellow "Play Now" buttons to visit the poker rooms listed.

US online poker deals

27% rakeback
and 100% up to $1000 bonus
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41% rewards
and 200% up to $5000 bonus
Action network
25% up to $900
added to all deposits
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27% rakeback
and 100% up to $1000 bonus
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US Poker Sites' Traffic

There are currently three major online poker networks available to Americans as well as a series of smaller sites and networks. The three big networks are the Merge Network, Revolution Gaming and the Bodog Network. Each of these network offers between 500-1500 players online at all times, with the Bodog having the most.

The many smaller networks all have their pros and cons, but as player liquidity is one of the most important asset a site or network can have, it is recommended to choose one of the bigger operators.

Rakeback and Bonuses for US players

The two bigger networks open to the US market both offer rakeback to all its new players. The rates for Merge and Revolution Gaming are 35% and 36% respectively and any sign-up or reload bonuses are added on top of these rewards. Combine all the sites' promos (rake chases, freerolls, bounty tournaments etc) and it should not be difficult to reach an average of 50% rakeback as a US player.

US payments - Depositing and withdrawing from poker sites

Due to the climate of online poker, the biggest cause of trouble for US players is the process of depositing and withdrawing to and from the poker sites. The rooms all do their best to offer as many and as effective methods as possible, but if you are a player that make many transactions you will inevitably run into a long wait, our a bounced transfer, from time to time.

Make sure to always contact the poker rooms' support before making a transfer to see if they can give any current recommendations as to how to get you your money as quickly and smoothly as possible. Also note that normally only one free withdrawal is offered per month, with subsequent withdrawals costing all the way up to $50 or 10% of the transfer amount.

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Betsafe Poker €20,000 Rake Race
Time left: 2 days, Rake needed: $732
Winner $2,500 Rake Race
Time left: 2 days, Rake needed: $14
Mybet $2,000 Rake Race
Time left: 2 days, Rake needed: $22