Google to Lift US Ban on Online Casino Advertising

In a sign that money speaks louder than temporary moral outrage, news that Google is planning to allow online casino adverts could prove to be a boon for the poker industry.

By: Andrew Burnett

Up until now, any online poker, sportsbetting, casino or gambling company has struggled to get their adverts through some very strict Google policies, even in states that have legalised the industry.

Try googling some gambling site from most US states or countries with strict online gambling regulation – Google has so far restricted the ability of such companies to get their product to the masses.

According to EGR Intel, however, Google is planning to unblock online casino adverts in the US gambling market by the first quarter of 2020’, following an earlier decision this summer to allow DFS betting in some states'.

Last month saw Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island added to the states given the all-clear to advertise, joining Nevada, New Jersey and West Virginia – with countries such as Kenya, Nigeria and Colombia also named.

What this means in practice is that operators can benefit from tools such as Google Ads, Google Display Network and YouTube to target their customers.

For the online poker industry it’s not yet clear how much easier life will become, but it reflects a general trend that sees the financial element taking precedence over oppressive regulation.

Although Google insist that regulation will still determine to some extent which markets get access to the relaxed rules, it’s certainly a positive sign of the future direction.


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