ACR CYCLONES Set to Revolutionise Satellites

Americas CardRoom are set to revolutionise online satellites with the launch of their brand-new CYCLONES format – blitz-poker step tournaments that will fire you straight into the upcoming $6 million ACR Venom event…

By: Andrew Burnett

November 20th saw the unique tournaments make their debut on the US-facing poker site in advance of the Venom, with the plan for the future seeing them expanded into other major tournaments.

OK, so what do ACR CYCLONES look like and what makes them special?

Aim for 5000

Instead of the traditional sattie where a certain chunk of the field win tickets, in the CYCLONES you just have to reach 5000 chips from your starting stack and you’re through.

That could mean the next step in the Venom qualifying, or a seat at the ACR biggie itself.


If you’re close to your 5000 chip target, you can also pay the difference to make it through rather than take the chance of a big hit to your stack.

This is the FOR THE WIN feature, an onscreen indicator that lets you know what it would cost to upgrade your stack to the next level ticket. Just click to pay the difference.

Logoff logon whenever you want

With the blitz player pool, you can actually logoff and return whenever you like, the software remembering your chip stack and CYCLONE level next time you log in.

Selling and firing extra bullets

Let’s say you exceed your 5000 target stack. Then you can use the extra chips for a shot at another seat or level, the surplus added on to your starting stack.

If you win multiple tickets, you can sell them for cash in ACR’s Venom Marketplace, or simply use them as extra bullets to aim for the $1million first prize in the Venom.

Seven Levels to Victory

There are seven levels to get through to grab your $2650 Venom ticket, but that’s from the lowest $0.25 starting point. You can actually buy-in at any level inbetween as seen below…

Step Buy In + Fee Total Starting Chips Target Stack Prize
1 $0.23 + $0.02 0.25 697 5000 1.5 + .15 Ticket
2 $1.5 + $0.15 1.65 1137 5000 6 + .6 Ticket
3 $6 + $0.6 6.6 1119 5000 15 + 1.50 Ticket
4 $15 + $1.5 16.5 1364 5000 50 + 5 Ticket
5 $50 + $5 55 1163 5000 200 + 15 Ticket
6 $200 + $15 215 1588 5000 600 + 30 Ticket
7 $600 + $30 630 1133 5000 Venom Ticket

OSS with $122million GTD

The $6million GTD Venom is only one, admittedly huge, part of the ACR Online Super Series (OSS) XV that runs from November 20th through December 15th.

In total it will be 26 days of action and $12million in guaranteed prizepools across 150 separate tournaments, and the revolutionary CYCLONES could be your way in.

You can check out all the details here.


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