The Day Isildur1 Lost $4.2M

That is right $4.2M. It was December 2009 when young prodigy Isildur1 got destroyed by Brian Hastings and lost his whole bankroll.

By: James Currie

Having crushed the highest stakes on Full Tilt at the time, Isildur1 had just taken the online NL Holdem throne from Tom Dwan and won just under $5 million from him in only seven days, that November. However, he was unaware that his year was about to come to a crashing end.

The Biggest Day in Online Poker

In just under 3000 hands, Cardrunners coach and PLO expert Brian Hastings shut down Isildur at the PLO tables in just under five hours, adding $4.2 million of Isildurs bankroll to his own. Even though Isildur1 was considered a NL Holdem player, he felt his ultra aggressive playing style was enough for him to win at any form of poker and took on the PLO challenge with Hastings, oblivious to the fact that he was about to go bust.

Insult to Injury

By the end of the session, it was clear that the cards were not in Isildur’s favour, with him running $3 million below EV. However, it was also made apparent afterwards that Hastings managed to gain an edge in the lead up to the battle. "My friend purchased hands, reviewed them, and wrote emails with strategic insights he gathered from reviewing the hands", said Hastings for HSDB. We're talking about 30,000 of Isildur’s hand histories from poker table ratings which costed him his whole bankroll. Here’s what Hastings had to say once the battle was over:

Running Pure

We managed to capture one of the biggest pots from the session ($425k) in Hastings’ favour:


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