Worst Bad Beat In Live Poker History Costs Loser $400,000

Poker can be a cruel, cruel game at times, and last nights Caribbean Poker Party highstakes cash game showed that in all its horrific technicolor as a double-whammy of straight flushes on the river scooped a $400k pot!

By: Andrew Burnett

We’re not sure who was on either end of the brutal double bad beat, Paul Phua at the table with Rob Yong and Jean-Robert Bellande among others, but whoever held the open-ended straight draw as they ran it twice will be thanking his lucky stars after both runouts filled his straight flushes.

“Pretty sure this is the worst beat I’ve ever seen in a live cash game,” says JRB as the 0.5% extreme long-shot appeared from another angle.

Has there been a worse bad beat in poker history? Well, this year’s WSOP produced a cracker, one that Bryce Yockey won’t forget for a long time, if ever.

It came in the prestigious Poker Players Championship final table, with Yockey a 99.843% favourite to win a 2-7 Triple Draw hand, and then this happened…


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