Online Bots and Konnikova’s Exit

Its turned in to a busy little week for industry news, partypokers bot clampdown continuing apace and Maria Konnikova parting company with PokerStars…

By: Andrew Burnett

First up, let’s take a quick look at how partypoker are getting on with their anti-bot cheating campaign, the October numbers released this week.

Some 57 accounts in total were shut down, with 50 of them coming from the global .com client, the other seven from the ring-fenced .eu networks.

Money-wise, that equated to $13,976 .com and another €1,490 from the .eu version, the full amount confiscated having already been redistributed back to affected players.

As always, partypoker are urging players to report suspicious activity at the tables – an email to all it takes to get the specialist Poker Fraud Team on the case.

The team, consisting of former poker pros, is part of the drive to rid the site of ‘unscrupulous accounts’, with partypoker promising to ‘investigate all incidents reported’, with monthly updates for players.

Maria Konnikova parts ways with PokerStars

As almost every other poker site looks to recruit the world’s best players and poker’s public idols, the biggest site of all – PokerStars seems determined to rid itself of any connection to the wider community, Maria Konnikova the latest big name to leave.

Konnikova shot to poker fame and fortune after taking up poker for a book project examining the role luck plays in life. Within a year - with some help from her legendary coach Erik Seidel - she had already won $200k, before her book had even come out.

The Harvard Psychology PhD graduate and New York Times best-selling author would go on to sign a deal with PokerStars last summer. In yesterday’s departure announcement Maria added: ‘Thanks for the fun memories and your support team PokerStars.’


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