Two Top Tips for Raising your Poker Level

Very few players in any game will ever become the best of the best. This is as true in poker as it is in golf, tennis, soccer, or any sport. This does not mean, however, that you can not massively improve with the right amount of effort. Sure, not anyone can become the best but, with a lot of hard work, you can at least fulfill more of your untapped potential.

From being able to compete professionally to dominating your games among friends, we’ve looked at the two most important, and often underestimated, poker tips to level up your play.

Make it Second Nature

One of the most astounding aspects of professional-level games is how utterly bored the players can look. Of course, they are anything but. Rather, their minds are running over complex calculations of probabilities and future moves, all while trying to passively observe their opponents while not being read themselves.

Daniel Santoro

The only way this is possible is because these players are either mathematical geniuses or because they have a considerable amount of practice under their vest. While we can't learn to be geniuses, we can help to close this gap through hard work.

Accomplishing this is as simple as putting in the hours on low-stakes games. Services such as Nya Casinon come with a wide selection of poker tables alongside their traditional casino offerings like slots and roulette. Taking some bonuses and getting involved in games like these will eventually solidify patterns into your subconscious. This means when playing in person, more attention can be spent on the players than the cards.

Learn to Lose

There is not a single player in poker who hasn’t seen significant stretches of bad luck. This is a simple part of the game.

What makes a player great is how they manage these losses. Yes, you will likely feel the frustration of the tilt, but how will you choose to deal with it?

Many people might find it cathartic to let the anger out, but this is never the best option. Indulging in angry outbursts only strengthens our mental reliance on these behaviors, which hurts our game in both the long and short-term.

Elimination Adam Swan

Instead, take every loss as an opportunity to either learn from a mistake or overcome your frustrations. Breathing exercises keep your head cool, and can eventually become a useful tool in everyday life.

The harder part of this comes from the influence of other players. This can be much more difficult to ignore and deal with, which makes success over other player's influence all the more important. The best way to deal with this is to treat these players with bemused dismissal. Nothing gets a distractor more annoyed than them being ignored, and this can let you turn the tables.

Go Ahead and Build

These two tips can seem obvious, but you might be surprised just how often they are ignored or underestimated. Too often we can let our egos get in the way of fixing our shortcomings, and these tips address the most common forms these shortcomings take.

Mastering these skills is the backbone of building a solid game. Working without these skills, you have nothing but a shaky foundation. Sure, you might be able to win without them, but only at a far slower rate than you would otherwise. Work hard, pay attention, and you'll be a much better player for it.


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