The $6million ACR Venom is Looking to Break New Records

The biggest-ever tournament on Americas CardRoom is upon us, the $6million GTD ACR Venom kicking off today with the first of four day1’s as players get set to chase the $1million guaranteed first place prize.

By: Andrew Burnett

The ACR team will be hoping they can set another Guinness world record, after this summer’s Venom – ‘only’ boasting a $5million guarantee – saw the biggest-ever cryptocurrency payout when Rafael 'TheBigKid' Moraes scooped a $1,050,559.50 victory.

Record books or not, the latest Venom offers players of every bankroll a chance to take part, with a host of different ways and buy-ins available to grab that all-important $2650 seat.

The day 1’s schedule is outlined below…

  • Day 1A: Wednesday, November 27th, 1pm ET
  • Day 1B: Sunday, December 1st, 1pm ET
  • Day 1C: Wednesday, December 4th, 11am ET
  • Day 1D: Sunday, December 8th, 1pm ET

…and if you make it through, you’re looking at these two days in the run to the huge cash prizes…

  • Day 2: Monday, December 9th, 1pm ET
  • Day 3: Tuesday, December 10th, 1pm ET

…all leading up to the Final Table to be held on Wednesday, December 11th, 5pm ET.

OK, how to get there? You have a wide choice, with a range of Satellites including Steps, Skips and Megas, with Spin to Get IN and Jackpot Poker also in the mix.

Skip your way to the Venom

Most of these will be well-known to players already, but the Skip version is a bit unusual, but quite simple – you can ‘jump the line’ compared to the Step tourneys!

That’s because, as ACR explain, ‘Skip tourneys pay out tickets to higher Steps or Skips’, giving the example: ‘A Skip 4 tournament pays out tickets to Skip 6 or Step 6, letting you bypass Step 5.’

Venom at a Glance

  • $6million guaranteed prizepool
  • $1million guaranteed for 1st
  • Buy-in direct for $2,650
  • Win your seat via Satellites, Megas, Spin to Get IN, Jackpot Poker
  • Take the Step or Skip route — starting at $0

You can find the entire Venom schedule and details here.


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