Daniel Dvoress Gives Revealing Interview on I Am High-Stakes Poker

Canadian high-stakes reg Daniel Dvoress has given a tell all interview at the Triton Poker Series Montenegro. The high-roller tournament crusher is coming off an amazing run in the partypoker MILLIONS World Bahamas with two victories, including one in the $250k Super High Roller for $4 million.

By: Mark Patrickson

Where It All Started

Dvoress had an unconventional start to his life. Born in Russia, he was home-schooled until the age of eight because his parents had no confidence in the schools in that area. Looking back now he doesn’t recommend that route for others unless absolutely necessary due to the social aspects of a child’s upbringing.

Settling into a new life in Canada, Dvoress had that typical work ethic seen so often in immigrant families. This attitude stayed with him until he discovered poker in his final year in high school. Unfortunately, once his parents discovered their son was gambling for real money they soon put a stop to it.

Luckily, it was soon time to head to university where the grind started up again due to a lack of income and no better ideas than figuring out how to crush the virtual felt.

Like-Minded People

Now firmly into the groove, Dvoress’s attitude to life took on a different slant. Meeting like-minded people through poker gave him a new perspective on how things can be done. This is a realisation that all professional poker players tend to come to sooner or later. This is the life we lead, and it is certainly far from vanilla.

Asked about core values, Dvoress immediately mentions honesty and integrity - not what outsiders would expect from a professional gambler. His competitive edge and pushing to extremes to is also an important part of his makeup but he does concede that this leads to frequent burnouts.

As for where he stands in his life now, it sounds like it couldn’t be better. Only small tweaks here and there to his routine are needed in his search for a perfect life.

Driving Force

Lee Davy now pushes Dvoress to reveal the things he really loves to do. He responds with the same passion about how competition is a real driving force for him. Helping other people also gives him a real purpose in life and he enjoys this a lot.

In terms of thinking about the bigger picture, Davy asks if poker at the highest levels requiring a laser-like focus is his driving force. Surprisingly, Dvoress says no, and reveals that it is just a pure love for the game.

No interview with a high-stakes player would be complete without enquiring about how to get better and take that next step. Davy asks how can a solid mid-stakes players rise up to high-stakes and the answer is not what people want to hear.

Dvoress says the curriculum is too long to list. It really is a matter of taking care of all the details on a macro and micro level. Countless hours of deliberate practice and study are needed. There is no silver bullet.

His opinion is that many mid-stakes regs spend too many hours playing and not enough trying to improve. This approach will only ever lead a player to slipping down the pecking order.

Daniel Dvoress comes across as a very pleasant guy with tons of confidence in what he does. With $15 million worth of live tournament winnings this is no surprise. Davy asks if he ever feels out of player playing amongst the greats - known as imposter syndrome - and he self-assuredly answers no with a laugh. 


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