Phil Ivey And Tom Dwan The Big Losers During High Stakes Private Jet Game

Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan may have thought they were on to a good thing when they were invited to a private high-stakes, high-altitude game with an amateur, but when that amateur turned out to be Tony G, things got a bit sticky!

By: Andrew Burnett

The legends of poker were returning from the partypoker Caribbean Poker Party in the Bahamas, heading to the Lithuanian homeland of Tony G (aka Antanas Guoga) where the poker pro-businessman has spent the past half-a-decade as a politician.

Triton Poker supremo Paul Phua laid on his private jet for the long-haul flight to Vilnius, but it was short-deck action – a 5+ version of both NLHE and PLO, with a $127,000 buy-in - that kept the main trio occupied.

Any potential ‘bum-hunting’ flew out the window – thankfully not literally – when our man Tony gave a running commentary as they neared their destination, booking a little profit against his illustrious opposition…

The game didn’t end at touchdown either, fellow highstakes crusher Danny Tang joining in the fun at the Casino Olympic Vilnius, and Tony G had kind words (for once?) for his fellow players…

Claiming that, "Paul has helped me fall in love with poker again..." he also explained what his legendary friends Ivey and Dwan mean to the game of poker.

“Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey are both super-special and super-talented. They are the older generation of poker at this point and, like fine wine, they get better with age and are a lot of fun to play with.”

The younger generation aren’t getting away with the ‘old amateur as easy meat’ tactic either, Tony sharing the following just yesterday…

Back at the tables, back on our screens and back to his best, welcome back Tony G!


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