Mikael Thuritz - the Swedish Superman of the Online Highstakes

Crush live tournaments? Check. Crush the online highstakes? Check. On all sites? Yes, check. Crush the live cash games in Macau? Also check. That’s the briefest history of Swedish poker maestro Mikael Thuritz, but it’s a career that deserves some serious flesh put on those impressive bones!

By: Andrew Burnett

Emerging from the gaming world at the start of the noughties, you might expect Thuritz to have been crushing the online nosebleeds early on, but his early days of poker as a teenager and into his twenties saw him take on the live tournament world.

A 3rd spot worth $200,000 in London back in 2005 was followed by four more 6-figure cashes over the next half-decade, but in another reversal of the norm, the Stockholm man’s live results dry up in the summer after Black Friday – although by then he had over $1.7million chalked up in cashes.

Only then did we see Thuritz take on the online big boys, both PLO and NLHE, and up to $400/800 stakes, but this time he took a little while to impress, puntingpeddler apparently an apt name…

Quickly over $2million in the hole, it would take Thuritz a year and a half to get back to even – but when he did he added another $1.2 million within a year before calling it quits on Full Tilt.

This $300k+ pot against Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom helped, a sweet run and beautiful check raise when the river filled his house…

Over on PokerStars it was a different story, although with some similarities – a brief cough-cough-splutter to get going and then… $1million profit within a year

His ChaoRen160 nickname may or may not refer to the ‘Superman’ translation in our short bio, or perhaps the much sought after Sonic the Hedgehog characters that the Urban dictionary mentions.

What we do know for sure is that Thuritz had developed into a player more than capable of holding his own against the world’s best online cash game players at both NLHE and PLO…

What may be more surprising for many is his belief that Prahlad 'Spirit Rock' Friedman was the man he rated higher than any other, once stating: "Sure, Blom was also heavy and he smashed durrrr, but Prahlad was totally superior to all others."

When you add in rumours of €millions made on other sites, and his years of presumably crushing the Macau highstakes live games – and some big MTT results such as his scoop of the WCOOP $10k High Roller in 2015 for $190,000 – and you’d be easily forgiven for rating Thuritz as a genuine contender for GOAT.

What’s certain is that he rightly commands a place towards of the poker tree for his ability to cross all poker games and types – a Stockholm Superman indeed!


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