Dusk Till Dawn Remove Live Casino Games

Owned by Rob Yong, Dusk Till Dawn Casino Cardroom is now closing its doors to live casino games in Nottingham. Rob took to twitter to discuss his recent actions and reasons for doing so:

By: James Currie

Rob states that players will still have the option to use the machines in the casino but feels removal of the casino games will be a “nice thing to do”. Further adding that poker was the reason he opened Dusk Till Dawn back in 2007 and was the primary focus:

“We originally opened as a poker only venue, we were kinda not 100% about having the live gaming in here.”

Live casino gaming brings with it some cons unfortunately though. One being that drunk players often are able to hop in and out of games and stir up trouble and also that there is complexity in monitoring customer expenditure. Not only that, Yong says that what really elicited this alteration at Dusk Till Dawn was hearing Joe Ingram and Doug Polk refer to him as a casino owner, and made him reflect on the reasons for opening the cardroom in the first place.

Yong apparently never seen himself as a casino owner and wanted to have his casino strictly poker related. With this new action in place, we can count on a lot more of the casino intake acquired filling the tournament overlays rather than the roulette tables.

Dusk Till Dawn was opened to primarily focus on getting smaller stakes games to run for recreational players and to help the growth of poker in Nottingham back in 2007. In 2015, partypoker teamed up with the casino and since then the casino has hosted a series of large prize-pool tournaments.


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