Brazil’s galodoido13 Wins ACR Venom For $1,039,982

Brazils galodoido13 scooped the ACR Venom title and $1,039,982 last night, taking one of online pokers biggest tournament titles back to Brazil for the second year running…

By: Andrew Burnett

The US-facing site’s flagship highstakes MTT saw 2696 entries at $2500 apiece produce a $6,740,000 prizepool, smashing the $6million guarantee and ensuring the winner would instantly become a $millionaire.

By the time last night had arrived, that number had been whittled down to just eight contenders, gillobono, galodoido13, Saranga, Crusher1991, SebTozzi, ZackThornton, mozart528 and FindTheTruth – with $74,814 already locked up.

FindTheTruth couldn’t quite find the cards at the final table, falling in 8th, followed to the rail in 7th by SebTozzi who pocketed the first 6-figure payout of the event when his pocket sevens were cracked on the flop and couldn’t recover.

Fans and followers who were watching the ACR TwitchTV stream saw mozart528 take the $155,694 6th place cash and after the break it was Crusher1991 who would exit, a massive $234,552 for 5th place.

Down to four and it would be ZackThornton who fell next, a whopping $363,960 cash for an excellent run at the Venom title, and when gillobono departed in 3rd for $553,354 it was heads-up for the Venom $million.

Brazil’s galodoido13 against Argentina’s Saranga became a duel of nerves and patience, the to-and-fro lasting almost 90 minutes before the deadlock broke in dramatic fashion, all the money going in on the flop…

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

galodoido13: 10♦ 7♥
Saranga: Q♦ K♣

Flop: Q♥ 10♣ 7♣
Turn: 7♠
River: A♣

Saranga’s runner-up consolation was a staggering $746,118, but it was galodoido13 and his $1,039,982 winner’s prize that defined the tournament.

Final results

1 galodoido13 $1,039,982
2 Saranga $746,118
3 gillobono $553,354
4 ZackThornton $363,960
5 Crusher1991 $234,552
6 mozart528 $155,694
7 SebTozzi $109,188
8 FindTheTruth $74,814



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