Jungleman Accepts Galfond's Heads Up Challenge

Dan Jungleman Cates is the latest player to take on Phil Galfond in his PLO Challenge. He not only accepted the challenge in front of the camera but also threatened to take Galfond down in style.

By: Mark Patrickson

In it Only For the Glory

Jungleman is the third high-profile player to step up to the plate and tell Phil Galfond that they’re ready to meet him in battle. While Galfond doesn’t play anything like as much as he used to, he is still an elite player.

The challenge is also specifically PLO - Galfond’s territory.

This latest match up is a little different from the first two. 7500 hands of €100/200 PLO will be played and the side bet will be 1:1 odds at an amount still to be agreed. Does this mean that Phil Galfond respects Jungleman more than the other guys?

Jungleman says he’s only in this for the glory. While playing in Bobby’s Room, with Galfond filming on his phone added: “I’m here to teach you a lesson. I’m going to break your spirit. That’s what I’m trying to do. I’m not even trying to break your bankroll, I’m just trying to break your spirit.”

Warming Up with the Great Dane

Jungleman looks to be playing a ton in Bobby’s Room lately. He was again recently seen playing with Gus Hansen whilst treating himself to a massage.


2 against 1

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He’s going to need to be on his best game to find an edge against Phil Galfond, and plenty of practice will be needed.

One great point about this duel is that we can at least guarantee it will finish. The ‘durrrr’ challenge still remains unfinished more than nine years after Jungleman and Tom Dwan kicked off their heads up battle.


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