Bitpunter - All New Innovative Transmining Cryptocurrency Sportsbook and Casino

Bitpunter is a world class sportsbook and casino licensed by the government of Curacao. Cryptocurrency-based and utilising a new and innovative approach to handling their fee structure.

By: Mark Patrickson

World’s First

Bitpunter proudly state that they are the “’s first transmining sportsbook and casino.” Their unique approach to charging fees is revolutionary and could set off a chain reaction with competing sites ready to copy their ingenuity.

The transmining system is a way around charging currency conversion fees. 80% of the net gaming revenue will be set aside in the game data fee pool, with 1/90 of that pool being redistributed to players every day.

Simply put, Bitpunter customers will receive tokens in accordance with their gaming turnover, with the model paying back a generous percentage.

“Bitpunter seeks to reproduce the success of transaction mining in the lucrative iGaming space through our proprietary gaming platform, while capitalising on blockchain solutions to provide an environment for transparent and fair gaming.”

Customers who lock up their tokens on a 24-hour basis will be eligible to receive a steady stream of distribution from the game data fee pool.

Revolutionary - A Real Game Changer

Bitpunter incentivises gameplay by mining BPTT as an outcome, regardless of profit or loss. All of this benefit is on top of the lowest transaction and gaming spreads in the market.

This approach to encouraging customers to bet has never been seen before, but we can guarantee that it’s here to stay. It’s unclear just how this method could be used in the online poker world but we sure are interested in seeing how this story develops.

For punters looking to delve further into what Bitpunter is offering, there is a first time deposit bonus of 100% available. This offer reaches up to $1,000, which is more than enough to get you started on your gaming journey.


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