Phil Ivey’s Biggest Online Cash Game Pot

Unsurprisingly, Phil Iveys biggest recorded online cash pot to date was back in the Full Tilt era where online high stakes was at its prime. The hand (from 2009) was against the infamous Isildur1 and the pot alone left the Swedish Pro down almost $1,000,000.

By: James Currie

Starting at $500/1000 PLO, the two fearless card players had undoubtedly arranged this game privately, due to the height of the stakes and the lack of action each player would get. The players are obviously both very high caliber players with an elite level of thought and would struggle to find many regulars to play. Nevertheless, both players sat down super deep stacked and prepared for what could have been a potential million dollar day swing.

Phil Ivey: A♠7♠3♣Q♣
Isildur1: 3♥6♥6♦3♠

Board: A♣6♣4♠J♦K♣

The action was nothing but fireworks preflop, both players pumping it up each time they had the opportunity, eventually proceeding to a $54,000 flop. Ivey flopped the second nut flush draw with Isildur flopping trip sixes in a 5bet pot. The swede started with a meaty bet out of position, but Ivey saw no other option than to get the money in. Ivey raised it $180,000 from an initial $80,000, and Isildur was happy to ship the rest. Yet being a slight favourite, Isildur’s trip sixes were not enough for him to hold as he saw the unfortunate club river roll off, adding $832.5k to Ivey’s stack.


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