Unknown Player Destroys High Stakes Stars on Live at the Bike

Back in August, mysterious player turned up to the streamed Live at the Bike cash game and absolutely destroyed a bunch of established high stakes stars. His name remains unknown. All we have is his moniker WHOISWHO.

By: Mark Patrickson

Totally at Home

The young Asian kid looked right at home from the get go. Chatting with former online star Garett Adelstein during play, he was clearly no stranger to playing such stakes.

The first hand we see in the clip is a 3 bet pot where he jams his remaining $14,125 on the monotone flop with the nut flush draw and bottom pair. Straight after his opponent folds he jokingly declares he flopped the nuts, much to the delight of the rest of the table.

Straight into the next hand and WHOISWHO collides with Adelstein, showing absolutely no fear.

WHOISWHO opens Q4o in the cutoff and Adelstein 3 bets Jh4h. WHOISWHO calls.

The flop comes 9h Th 4d. WHOISWHO bets and Adelstein calls.

The turn is the 7d, putting a straight and another flush draw out there. WHOISWHO bets the size of the pot and Adelstein calls once again after some thought.

The river is the 9d, completing the diamond flush. WHOISWHO jams his remain $10,675.

Now there is some controversy. Adelstein asks how much while gesturing with his hand. WHOISWHO thinks he has called and starts to turn his cards over before the quick thinking dealer jumps up to stop him.

After another few minutes thought Adelstein folds and asks WHOISWHO to show him the bluff, which he proudly does.

Whoever this kid is we definitely want to see more of him. The YouTube comments were littered with “Chinese durrrr” and others claiming he’s just a newbie luckbox. Who knows, but he sure is exciting to watch.


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