Tesla Enhancing Chinese Gaming Experience

This week, Teslas CEO Elon Musk partnered with gaming company Tencent to intensify the automobile gaming experience. The new creation, being made currently for Chinese Tesla owners, is set to be in motion in early 2020 and will incorporate two new dashboard poker games.

By: James Curry

Expanding the Poker Industry

The two new poker games will run alongside a new cartoon streaming and version of Mahjong, established by Alibaba Group Holding Limited. Though the games will only be viable whilst the car is parked, this advancement in technology will hopefully create a congregation of new poker fans and bring more of them into the industry. After all, the population of China is 1.3 billion and a stepping stone like this for the Chinese public could introduce a whole new gathering of players.

China’s first Gaming Breakthrough?

Poker in China is currently banned live and online in the mainland which keeps avid poker fans restricted to what they can play. However, because of social media in the recent years allowing access for a lot of new opportunities, Asian thrill seekers have been able to find their own ways online gambling.

Nevertheless, Chinese Tesla users will be exposed to the poker experience even if it is just for a few minutes whilst in the car. Although the dashboard game won’t be extremely satisfying and will likely be a very basic version of the game, it’s the introduction that will have the biggest impact, and that’s what Tesla are aiming for. China has certainly the opportunity to be on the brink of being the next big gaming powerhouse with it’s overwhelming population. Tesla have only opened the door to a more widespread gaming community.

DraftKings and SBTech combine to form Gaming Giant

Elsewhere in the marketplace, DraftKings and SBtech are combining to form what is looking to be $3.3 billions worth of equity market share. DraftKings is a massive gaming and betting platform in the United States and already have a great foundation to work from. SBTech, on the other hand, has advanced technology and an innovative product expertise that, if capitalized on, could help the company to succeed further than anticipated. Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp is the company that will take control of the two businesses and after the deal has been completed, it will be renamed DraftKings Inc. The transaction is due to occur in the first half of 2020.


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