Top 5 Poker Hands of 2019

We have had some crazy hands in the poker world throughout the last 12 months. Incredible folds and sick hero calls are what really get the blood pumping. Lets see exactly what the year has brought us:

By: James Currie

Chidwick Hero Call

England’s top earner Stephen Chidwick is not someone you want at your table. Over the past few years he has established himself as one of the best players in the world. This soul read of his from the Triton $1 million buy-in charity event caught real attention:

Unbelievable call by Antonius

Charlie Carrel certainly chose the wrong opponent in this hand! Patrik Antonius will not let you bluff him without putting up a fight. Check out this hand from the Triton’s £25k Turbo earlier in the year:

What a fold!

This years $25k PSPC has got to be the best fold this year has seen so far. Thi Xua Nguyen layed down a monster that shocked the poker community:

Sick Streamer versus Streamer Cooler

Twitch has allowed us a great way of delivering poker entertainment over the years, and oh boy have we seen some coolers. In this following hand, both streamers (and viewers) were left astounded by the result:

Incredible Run it Twice

You think you run bad? Apparently flopping a boat is not enough to win you the hand anymore. Check out the scenes from this High Stakes Cash Game.


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