Top 3 Biggest Poker Losers of 2019

Like every other year there are big winners and big losers, the latter we do not hear much about usually. But who lost the most in 2019? Unfortunately, it is impossible to pinpoint exactly who is the biggest loser, but we have certainly seen some players pitfalls in the past 12 months. Le’s take a look at some of them:

By: James Currie

Daniel Negreanu Loses POY Title

A brutal mistake this year by WSOP meant that Daniel Negreanu took 3rd place in this year's POY race, instead of 1st. A journalist pointed out that WSOP had misplaced Negreanu’s name in a tournament that wrongly gave him extra points.

Following the mishap, Robert Campbell stepped up to take the title ahead of Shaun Deeb in 2nd, and Negreanu in 3rd.

Negreanu, who was obviously taken a little bit back by the situation, responded graciously, congratulating Campbell on his victory:

He also followed with this statement:

“I’m genuinely happy for Robert, he is a good guy and he is deserving. Obviously my strategy would have been different had I known where I actually stood, but such is life. I have no regrets. I set out to achieve a goal and I focus on the journey. That journey got me to where I set my goal. Unfortunately, the points miscalculation means no POY for me!”

Robert Campbell was very deserving of the reward in fact, cashing in 13 different events, one of which was a $10k Seven Card Stud game win for $385,000.

Jean Robert Bellande Goes Crazy and Loses $650,000

These Triton cash games have known to become hectic with the amount of money that is at stake. Earlier in the year we saw JRB, perhaps one of the most unlucky players in poker, lose $650,000 in the space of two hands:

JRB became known in the poker community for his aggressive table image in televised poker games over the years. However, it only took two hands before we saw JRB heading for the rail after everything went south.

Tan Xuan loses €600,000 in one hand!

It’s not very often we get to see pro’s lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on televised streams At least not since the High Stakes Poker days! Triton poker has allowed us this opportunity to watch these nosebleed games take place over the past few years and of course you are going to see some of the best going head to head! This pot between Tan Xuan and Isaac Haxton escalated quickly:

Unfortunately, running it twice was not enough to save Tan Xuan in this instance. Money is only an object to these big time players and they will not hesitate to reload when their stack is gone. These are the games we want to see!


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