Luke Schwartz Challenges Phil Galfond in Twitter Rant

Luke _fullflush1_ Schwartz may have just landed himself a spot in the Galfond Challenge line-up after an apparently drunken Twitter session saw him call out the Run It Once boss…

By: Andrew Burnett

The Londoner’s typically brash approach would likely have most targets incensed, but Galfond seemed to take it in his stride, a very polite response to Schwartz forthcoming…

Galfond has been pushing his Challenge matches this past month or two as a way of gaining traction for his RunItOnce poker room. Few things in poker are more newsworthy – in a tabloid way if nothing else – than a full-on, full-flush Schwartz.

The Englishman has a knack of winding up the opposition, and he managed that with his reply…

Galfond then tweeted out ‘an exciting new competitor’ post…

…which would bring his challenges to a severely-testing total of seven so far.

As for Schwartz, it was all part of an evening Twitter spree that saw him take aim at many of the world’s leading players, abuse for Matt Berkey and Shaun Deeb mixed in with love for Patrick Leonard, 'Jungleman' Dan Cates and Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov among others.

Few pros are more up for a fight than Luke Schwartz, on or off the table it seems. Last year he challenged Doug Polk to a fight, and there was much talk of a £200k boxing match with fellow English pro Daniel 'DANMERRRRRRR' Merrilees.


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