Gus Hansen Checks Out with $427,000 in Chips Only Breaking Even

Everyones favourite high stakes grinder Gus Hansen has been back in action in Bobbys Room at the Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas. The Great Dane once again showed up to take on all comers including the world’s best.

By: Mark Patrickson


It’s gonna be a great Year!

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Not a Disaster

Anytime Gus Hansen shows up at Bobby’s Room everyone is keen to hear how things went. This time around he posted a video clip of his final chip stack ready to take to the cage, what looks to be $427,000.

At the end of his grind Hansen is sitting alone in Bobby’s Room declaring it’s now 2020 and been a long day. Amazingly he tells us that it might look like a big win but it was in fact break even.

It’s insane to think that Hansen dropped $20 million playing high stakes cash games online and yet here he is still buying in for these huge sums to play the likes of Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates.

With typical optimism, Hansen declares that tomorrow is another day, and, of course, it’s gonna be a great year.

It makes you wonder how many hours he puts into his poker these days. On Christmas Eve he was duelling it out with Jungleman, Trueteller and David Oppenheim. Does this guy ever take a break?

Still Hungry

To be playing at this level he must still be putting a lot of effort into what he does. He might not have been seen on the high stakes live tournament circuit for a while and this could well because he gets his thrills from cash games. Probably nothing more than that.

The tournament scene is also littered with countless young guns who are putting every ounce of their soul into what they do. At Gus’s age, he just might not feel like it’s worth the effort any longer, especially given the crazy variance those events give.


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