Poker: What We Expect In 2020?

Poker has become a popular game for many both in the casino and online, but as the industry reaches a large number of players, there is more to be done to make gameplay enjoyable and provide players with gameplay that will thrill and excite even the most experienced. In this article, we will be looking into the current state of the industry as well as how this is set to change in 2020.

The Rise Of Video Poker

As the new year begins, so to do countless possibilities for this growing industry. With the introduction of 5G gaming video poker on mobile devices and across platforms. As live poker sessions becoming more and more popular as a result, this only set to increase in 2020. With over 40 million people already playing poker on a regular basis, this is only set to provide new experiences and encourage even more people to try their hand at online poker.

Expansion of Pop Culture In Gambling

In addition to the rise in popularity when it comes to live poker, there is also an increased focus on the impact of pop culture on video poker. With a number of themed slots based around popular franchises, this is a trend that is only set to gain in popularity in the near future.

This is a trend that dates back for many years with some of the earliest Vegas slots featuring famous celebrities that had a current Vegas residency. This has since expanded into the digital era, with free video poker games using popular brands and musicians to encourage users to play. This has become a common way for websites to encourage new years as well as entice existing followers to try their hand at new games on the platform.

The Implementation Of AR And VR

In addition to the rise of video poker, there is also set to be a sharp increase in the number of VR and AR systems allowing users to gamble in new and exciting ways. With a number of companies offering both VR roulette and VR Poker, this is becoming the new way to gamble. With popular titles on Oculus Rift and a number of others set to be released in 2020, this three-dimensional way of gambling is set to be a huge trend within the industry in this decade.

This comes as no surprise for industry experts as gamblers are looking for a new and exciting way to gamble without leaving their homes. With the thrill of an online casino and the surroundings of a brick and mortar casino, this new way to play provides the perfect combination for gamers of all ages. Though this is only in the early stages at this time, this is set to expand in the future, with more and more games being released.

AR technology is already being used within sports training and other areas of business to streamline processes and this is set to continue within the gambling industry allowing users to find a new way to play live games either alone or with friends.

Increased Popularity For Crypto Poker

The final trend that we will begin to see emerging in 2020 is the popularity surrounding Crypto poker.  With all the rules of traditional poker, just using online currency to place bets, this is becoming the new way for many to gamble. With the four main cryptocurrencies, all accepted when making deposits and withdrawals, many are opting for this more secure form of gambling.

With blockchain systems being responsive as well as secure, this is by far one of the most secure ways of gambling. In addition to this, they offer lower fees for transactions as well as provide access to everyone over the internet making this the perfect option for those that do not bank in traditional ways. As the technology continues to advance as younger audiences will switch to this more secure way of gambling.

With this in mind, there are a number of trends that are set to come to light in 2020, all of which promise to improve the industry whilst providing users with new experiences that they will enjoy, regardless of the games or style of online casino they are planning in. Which of these are you most excited about?


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