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Imagine you were an online grinder and could not play poker for a living and had to turn to another game to earn your crust – which one would you choose? Keeping it within the casino environment, the choices are varied, but which would offer you the best chance of success?

By: Andrew Burnett


Let’s say your second favourite casino game is roulette. How likely are you to make a living focusing only on those 38 numbers? Well, the first thing is to note that the European version only has 37!

If online gambling for real money is your job rather than just for fun, you need to know that this seemingly insignificant difference lessens the house edge by 2.5% - and over the long run that could prove crucial.

You’ll need to follow a system of sorts, but there are plenty of resources available to top up your knowledge.

Is there a game with better odds available?


Slots is one of the casino games where grinders exist and do pretty well from it, although as with poker you have to be dedicated to the task at hand.

When you are choosing which online slot machines are best suited to your new-found career, you’ll need to brush up on how specific bonuses work, and focus on the low-playthrough, high-payout games whenever possible.

What about that other casino favourite…


There’s something very appealing about turning to blackjack as a career, some of the most famous stories in casino lore focusing on the game of 21.

Of course, if you are coming from a poker background, then patience is already a virtue that you’ll be well-used to, and blackjack will require that in spades.

The best online gambling sites offer numerous variations, and what you are looking for are tables with liberal rules relating to blackjack payout ratios, as well as games with fewer decks, dealer standing on soft 17 etc.

Online blackjack is almost exactly the same as the live version, so there are no special extra skills required for the game itself.

Naturally, you’ll be hoping that your online poker days are far from over, and we’ve barely scratched the surface here of the alternatives, but hopefully it will give you an idea of what is and isn’t possible.


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