Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky Won $5.5Million Playing Online Poker

Ben Sulsky aka Sauce123 is a name that is feared when it comes to Heads-Up High Stakes NL Hold’em and PLO. Originally from Durham, New Hampshire, Sulsky began his poker career during spring break in Mexico.

By: James Currie

At first, Ben wasn’t great at the game and found himself constantly busting his bankroll depositing on sites such as PokerStars as Sauce123 and Full Tilt Poker as Sauce1234. Eventually he started building his bankroll up from the microstakes adhering to strict bankroll management and has never looked back since.

In his first year of online poker, Sulsky managed to win $1.2 million during his 2011 spring break.

Though he got off to a rusty start, his first year was beyond impressive and was a sign that “Sauce123” was likely to have a killer career playing cards. However, it was the following year that showed that he was about to create a legacy in online poker and showed signs of becoming the best, reaping in $3.5 million on his PokerStars account.

Ben’s next few years were steady but surely racking in another $1.4 million on top of his initial $4 million. After Black Friday, the amount of online high stakes action started to decline but since then Ben has managed to remain in the top ten biggest winning poker players, with a stumbling $5.5 million profit.

Sulsky’s  primary choice of game over his first couple of years was a mixture of HU and full ring PLO with some of his biggest hands vs Isildur1, another known regular at the nosebleed stakes.

After a couple years playing and reaching the top of Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em and PLO, Ben struggled to find action and many players regarded him as the best in the world. However around this time, up and coming poker play Doug Polk challenged Sulsky to a Heads-Up prop bet. Sulsky lost the $750,000 battle and another $100,000 on the side for Polk’s victory. Polk has mentioned "Sauce123" to be his toughest opponent to date.

With making so much money at such a young age, Sulsky has always remained very humble for the opportunities that he has had from poker. He spoke to PokerNews about why he thinks he has managed to remain at the top of poker and credits it a lot to do with his sick work ethic.



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