Vincent Wan wins Aussie Millions Main Event for A$1.318million

Vincent Wan scooped A$1.318million and the Aussie Millions Main Event trophy and bracelet in Melbourne after defeating Ngoc Tai Hoang heads-up...

By: Andrew Burnett

The original 820 entries had been whittled down to just seven players for the 5th and final day of action at the Crown Casino, with Erik Seidel the standout name at the final table.

Two Germans, a Canadian, a local Melbourne pro and one each from New Zealand and Vietnam provided Seidel’s opposition, and despite their relative inexperience, they more than held their own.

Malo and Weis were first to depart, but then it was Seidel who fell – dominated by Vincent Wan in a big ace showdown, with both men making pairs on the flop, but Seidel’s the lower.

Wan: A♠ J♣

Seidel: A♣ 10♠

Board: J♠ 10♥ 2♣ 2♦ 4♦

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

After the second German player, Nino Ullman, fell in 4th, the remaining three discussed a deal, with the shortest stack Gavin Pepper taking A$1million while Vincent Wan and Ngoc Tai Hoang chopping the rest for A$1.3million each.

Pepper hit the rail soon afterwards, with the remaining duo battling heads-up for a long time.

Eventually the destination of the trophy and bracelet was decided after a crazy turnaround by Wan, winning four all-ins to fell his opponent, the final hand below…

Wan: 10♣ 9♥

Hoang: A♠ 3♥

Board: J♠ 6♠ 9♠ J♦ 10♦

Hoang’s US$900k payout was the biggest-ever from a Vietnamese player, and instantly jumped him from number 80 to 3rd position on the all-time Vietnam tournament earnings list.

Final results

1 Vincent Wan A$1,318,000*
2 Ngoc Tai Hoang A$1,318,000*
3 Gareth Pepper A$1,000,000*
4 Nino Ullmann A$480,160
5 Erik Seidel A$378,660
6 Oliver Weis A$307,820
7 Nicolas Malo A$240,080

*after three-way deal


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