Timothy Adams wins SHRB Australia for A$2,160,000 (US$1.44million)

Canadas Timothy Adams took down the A$250k buy-in Super High Roller Bowl Australia title last night, booking a A$2,160,000 (US$1.44million) win after defeating Aussie Kahle Burns heads-up after a 3-hour battle…

By: Andrew Burnett

It was the smallest SHRB field ever assembled, just 16 entries, coming after a long month of poker in Australia, the Aussie Millions and Australia Poker Open sapping energy and, for some perhaps, bankrolls.

Not so Adams, who took down one of the APO $25k events just last week for a A$416,500 (US$282,386) payday, with decent cashes in the Aussie Millions $50k and $100k Challenges.

Only five players remained after day one ended at The Star Gold Coast poker room, and with just three paid spots things looked good for Elio Fox coming in as a big chip leader.

However, a big river bluff was picked off by Kahle Burns holding ace-high, and then a short time later it was Burns again as Fox’s bete noir, a runner-runner straight eliminating Fox short of the money.

Aaron van Blarcum has been much in the news recently, the 43-year old Texan a new member of the SHR elite, and yesterday he would take the dubious title of bubble-boy, Burns once again the executioner.

That left Burns, Adams and Cary Katz in the money, but Katz – who won the SHRB in London last year - was severely short-stacked and despite one double-up he was next to fall, 3rd place and an A$640,000 cash.

Despite a healthy chip lead, Burns came under heavy pressure, finding some big folds but eventually doubling Adams up.

The long match would eventually go Adams way when he turned two pair with Burns all-in and at risk, the trophy and A$2,160,000 going to Canada, Burns having to settle for A$1,200,000 as runner-up.

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

“There is a tonne of prestige to winning a tournament like this,” Adams told reporters afterwards, adding: “It makes it extra nice and I’m really pleased right now.”

Final results

1 Timothy Adams A$2,160,000 (US$1,440,000)
2 Kahle Burns A$1,200,000 (US$802,000)
3 Cary Katz A$640,000 (US$428,000)



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